Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pirates Of The Caribbean Cheat

Pirates Of The Caribbean - At World's End

Isla Cruces level: Gold Idol location:
When you get to the waterfall where enemies attack you, defeat them all.
Then, walk into the waterfall. Behind the waterfall is a secret room with
the gold idol.

Unlockable Swords:
The following swords are listed by order of strength. Complete the indicated
task to unlock the sword.

Cutlass : Default sword
Dutchman sword : Complete the Pearl Vs Dutchman level.
Norrington sword : Complete the Isla Cruces level.
Bone sword : Complete the Davy Jones' Locker level.
Gun sword : Complete the Sea Battle level.
Pirate King's sword: Complete the Shipwreck City level.
Davy Jones' sword : Complete the Maelstrom level.
Ghost sword : Complete the Hit Combo sub-mission on the Isla Cruces level.
Legend sword : Complete the Hit Combo sub-mission on the Maelstrom level.

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