Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Resistance Fall of Man Cheat

Resistance - Fall of Man

Bonus weapons:
Successfully complete the game on the Medium difficulty setting to unlock
the Reaper and Splitter. The Reaper is found near the beginning of the
first level when you start a new game. The Splitter fires a salvo of
large rockets. The secondary fire splits each rocket into a wall of
mini-rockets. It is similar to the R.Y.N.O. from the original Ratchet
And Clank.

Skill Points list:
Reading Is Fun!: Collect 10 Intelligence Reports.
Chicks Dig Eyestrain: Collect 20 Intelligence Reports.
Too Many Secrets: Collect all Intelligence Reports.
In For a Penny...: Kill 3 Hybrids with a single grenade.
Fetch: Kill a Howler with a grenade.
Acupuncture Is Cheaper: Kill 3 enemies at once with the Hedgehog.
Why Are These Candles Screaming?: Unknown
Lovely Parting Gifts: Unknown
Tag, You're It: Kill 5 enemies with the Bullseye in 30 seconds.
Gasping for Air: Kill 2 Hybrids in a level only after severing all of
their hoses.
Nowhere to Hide: Kill 5 enemies in a level by shooting them through a
wall with the Auger.
Twirly-Whirly: Unknown
Turrets: Kill 6 enemies with the Chimeran Sentry gun.
Mechanical Thumbs: Unknown

Supersonic Meat Cubes: Kill 3 Leapers with a Frag grenade.
Homing Beacons: Kill 4 Hybrids with the Bullseye.
Chimera Pbth: Run over 10 enemies with the tank.

Don't Worry, Insurance Has It Covered: Destroy 3 or more black boxes.
20th Sentry: Unknown
Personal Space Bubble: Unknown

Lightfoot: Take no damage from the mines.
This is My Rifle, This is My Gun: Kill the Stalker in Manchester Traffic
Circle using only the M5A2.

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