Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Splinter Cell Cheat

Splinter Cell Double Agent

Elite mode:
Successfully complete Solo mode.

Bonus skin:
Reach the indicated rank to unlock the corresponding skin:
Spy second skin: "Recruit" rank.
Spy third skin: "Special Agent" rank.
Uspilon Forces second skin: "Field Agent" rank.
Uspilon Forces third skin: "Commander" rank.

Alternate endings:
Complete the indicated task during the final mission to see the
corresponding ending after the bomb is disarmed.

Ending A (Good): Have NSA trust above 33% and save at least two of
the three targets (cruise ship, Hisham, and Lambert).

Ending B (Normal): Have NSA trust below 33%, and save the cruise
Ship, Hisham, and Lambert. Alternately, allow two of the targets
be destroyed but have NSA trust above 33%.

Ending C (Bad): Destroy all three targets. Alternately, destroy
two targets and have NSA trust below 33%.

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