Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stuntman Cheat

Stuntman Ignition

MVX Spartan:
Select Extras from the Main menu. Choose Cheats. Enter FASTRIDE
to unlock the MVX Spartan.

Extra props and tools in Stunt Creator mode:
Select Extras from the Main menu. Choose Cheats. Enter COOLPROP to
unlock extra props and tools in Stunt Creator mode.

Various Codes:
Enter one of the following codes:

Code - Effect
NOBLEMAN - All items in Construction mode
SLINGPOO - Freaky Fast
ICEAGE - Ice Wheels
KUNGFOOPETE - Master code
HOLLYWOOD - Slow-Mo Cool and Thrill Cam
IMATREX - Untouchable
WEAREFROZEN - Vision Switcher

All vehicles:
Enter RANDARLUV as a code.

Nitro Addiction:
Enter THEDUKE as a code. Press L1 for Nitro Addiction.

Faster game speed:
Enter OVERCRANK as a code. The directors voice will get higher and your
car will go faster. Note: Try it for the third level on the movie (Never
Kill Me Again). When you are at the end and break through the cave with
the nitrous and iceblocks, they will fall fast.

Track arena and Ice arena in Construction mode:
Enter STEELEJUSTIN as a code.

Cheat mode:
Earn the "Legend" rank by becoming the top ranked stuntman. Then, select
"Extra" at the options menu to access all cheats.

Easy two wheel:
To easily perform a two wheel stunt, such as in "Clowning Around", just
line up the driver side wheels and take a little speed to master the stunt.
To do it for a long time just keep going left and right (like balancing).

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